COSMIC Panel First Look
This article shows how the new COSMIC Panel will look like. After a few months of development, System76 has finally released the first official pictures of what the new COSMIC desktop will look like, specifically the COSMIC Panel. Applets Looks like System76 is moving away from the traditional “extensions” and plans to design an API for third party applets, this is similar to what KDE, XFCE and others are doing.
How to contribute to Pop!_OS?
This article intends to compile everything you need to know to start contributing to Pop!_OS. If you’re reading this, you probably love what System76 has done with Pop!_OS and want to help make it better, in this article we’ll cover the basics of what you need to know to start contributing to Pop!_OS. This article assumes you’re familiar with how contributing to open source projects works. If you’re not, please watch Contributing to Open Source for the first time first.
Exploring System76's New Rust Based Desktop Environment
This article intends to shine a light at the development of a new desktop environment for the Pop!_OS operating system. A few months ago, System76 announced that they would be developing a new desktop environment based on the Rust programming language called COSMIC. Their idea is to create a desktop environment that is similar to the one that is currently available for the Pop!_OS operating system, but with a different focus.